Travel Itch

It’s been over a month since I got back from Japan and the Philippines and I’m still not over the post travel blues.

I get really anxious as I go through my photos from that trip. Like, anxiously excited. Like I have to get up and run for hours. Like I have to move, now. Like I have to make travelling again as soon as possible my utmost priority.

It feels like my soul is split - some of it residing at ‘home’ and the rest residing at home, maybe in the Philippines, maybe somewhere new. All I know is that my spirits are at their most elevated when I am exploring, when I am by that window seat looking out over the clouds and oceans.

When I return, I am restless trying to fill voids left by pieces of me that I scattered through the places I have visited. I pick up art, I go out to gigs, I keep myself occupied.

Chion-in Temple, Kyoto

Chion-in Temple, Kyoto

My next trip will be to the Maldives (again) for my 30th, so it’s a little while away. Until then, I’ll find a few opportunities for road trips around Victoria.

And post some tidbits on my trip.