Getting Through a Long Haul Flight

Gertting through a long haul flight.png

... is the other working title of this post. Did I say I would be doing a lot of flying?

Because guys, I'm doing a crap-tonne of flying. I'm not joking, I'm jumping on seven planes to make this trip happen.

Blame my husband.

But also don't.

Because I'm kind of getting out of here.

Just think of what my skin is going to go through in those dehydrating cesspits of bacteria. Don't get me wrong, I love flying but I can already feel my face breaking out in anticipation of the recirculated stuffy air. Ugh.

I'm basically going to walk off the plane when I come back to Melbourne as one huge throbbing pimple.

To help me cope, here's what I'm bringing on board all seven flights. I may or may not add a magazine or two to the mix depending on what catches my eye. ViVi at Changi. Um, hello friend.


Accompanying me on my Asiatic adventures is one duffel and one hand bag. I picked up this Guess duffel from Strandbags. It opens up to about the size of a kitchen sink - it's literally got that much room in it and it's been a trusted companion on a number of trips. It is a bit loud, I will admit but it does the job and it's incredibly durable.

I've gushed about my Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag in the past after having road tested it for about two months, I can say I am completely in love.

So here's whats going to be in them:


I purposely did not want to bring a gigantic black hole of a bag. I do this every single time I travel - nay, everyday! The amount of times I just throw something in my bag thinking, yeah, I'll sort that out later, and not; just to struggle to find my keys/phone/lip gloss when I need them the most, holding up lines of people behind me, making friends wait.


Anyway. So, in my handbag, I will be carrying some of the obvious, some of the not so:

  • My Travel Wallet

  • Filipino Phrasebook

  • Hand Santizer

  • Panadol

  • My Wallet

  • Bag Holder

  • Keys

  • Sun Glasses

Now, just a disclaimer: I'm aware of liquid restrictions and will likely lump my sanitiser and hand cream into the rest of my liquids in a ziplock bag and stuff that in my carry on. Air travel was so easy once upon a time :(

Carry On

My duffel will take all of the other stuff that I can't fit in my handbag. The only regret about this bag is that it doesn't have wheels and whilst I don't plan on packing this little baby I can't really carry anything heavy at the moment given the amount of times I have been under the knife (seven as of 10 April 2015) but, the one great thing about airports? Trolleys. 

Trolleys, yo.

So here's whats going in my carry on:

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Laptop


  • Planner

  • Moleskin Sketchpad

  • Deck of Cards

  • Toiletry Bag

  • Makeup Bag

  • Sleeping Mask

Thinking about what actions or behaviours i often partake in during air travel helps me drill down to the absolute basics of the things I will need to bring on board. These are the things I consider when I pack:

Comfort & hygeine

The first thing I will be doing on the plane is to get as comfortable as humanly possible.

I don't care what it takes, YOU WILL WATCH ME NEST.

So, I like to change out of my shirt into something a little more lose fitting, because you know, i've been in some seriously long, crappy commutes and the last thing i want to do is to sleep in the same clothes I've been running around in for the whole day. I'll change back when we're ready to hit the ground so that I am presentable but while i'm in the air, comfort.

I'll then cleanse my face with some wipes and moisturise, apply some eye cream and some lip balm and spend the rest of my flight pretty content with life.

I got some Gel shocks which contains a cocktail blend of healthy replenishing oils such as olive, jojoba and lavender. It also boasts Vitamin E. So sure, I'll give them a whirl. I might throw under some knee high socks (for circulation) for extra pampering. BECAUSE IMA NEST.

Dental care will also be a part of my regimen for long flights, and I'll bring along my shoulder pillow and/or use my husbands shoulder, though that can be a tad bony. Pillow on shoulder. Problem is no longer a problem.


Look, I'm about to clock almost 30 hours of flying in three weeks. Thats a lot of time spent essentially doing nothing, so I could spend that time being productive - planning trips, brain storming, working on blog pieces.

I've got my weekly planner ready to go, along with my new every day Midori Travel notebook, my to do list and my laptop. IMA SORT OUT MY LIFE.


I can't spend all my time being wonderfully productive, I just know myself too well and respect myself enough to expect that my mind will wander. I'll want to sketch, I'll want to read, I'll want to play games, I'll want to chill out to some great music. I WILL NEST.

Pictured above are a couple of lonely planet books, my moleskin journal that my dear little brother got me to encourage my art, a deck of cards, my iPhone and Note 4 plus my coveted Bose QuietComfort 25's. Can I just say (and I will, because this is my space on the innernet) that these headphones are seriously a sanity life saver, at work and especially on flights. I'm literally enveloped in tunes in one of the ways that I feel music should be experienced at least once by everyone.

I've also ordered the famed Carry On Cocktail Kit. Two, may I add.

Both for me. No, I'm not sharing. 

I'm not much of a drinker these days due to my keto restrictions but you best believe that I will be foregoing keto for this honeymoon!


Of course I'll want to step off the plane looking fabulous. Most women do - one day I'll stop caring but I hope that day is never.

This is my basics kit - lazy girl makeup. Great base, taupe on the lids, cat eyes, flirty lashes and a blushed pout. Tried and tested formula, 10/10 would Jo again.

I'll walk through my OG makeup routine at a later date which I use for work and whenever I want to nip out with friends for dinner. Seriously, ten minutes. It's the laziest I can be without actually leaving the house without makeup.

Well, this is me for now. Be well, be good, go get yourself in trouble and I'll catch up with you later.