Art Class Projects

I’ve been attending art classes recently with my bestie, LiLi, who expressed an interest in painting.

It’s been great for me because I’ve been painting in mediums other that oils and, I’ve been painting subjects that aren’t people.



This was one of the classes I had been looking forward the most because this is a medium I would love to conquer.

I had a one hour botanical study session - mostly, it was brush pressure techniques and not a live study unfortunately. But hey, I scored some free watercolours out of it, which has inspired me to keep practising.

The class wasn’t as comprehensive as I thought it was going to be so I think I will be doing a little bit of independent study.



One of the first sessions we did together was an acrylics session where we painted tree silhouettes.

Li’s painting is the one on the right and if you can believe it, this was her first ever painting. Ever.

The next acrylic session we did together was a ‘paint your mate’ session, where the portrait style was quite stylised. It was mean to be in the style of Pablo Picasso, but my painting of Li ended up looking like something out of Futurama!


I didn’t quite get Li’s portrait finished in the two hours we had but I’ll finish this off at home before gifting it to her.

All in all, the sessions are full of laughter (and a little fun-sized anxiety if I am being honest!) - I’d really recommend painting classes, even if you aren’t necessarily a ‘beginner’. You come away with a shared experience if you go with a friend, and usually, something to take home.

Join a group, or schedule a weekly challenge at home. Keep moving forward, it’s important.