My first batch of Ceramics

Towards the end of last year, I decided that I would revisit pottery, but properly this time. The last time I dabbled in this art, I must have been 6 or 7 and my mother had organised paid lessons - one of the many things that was definitely wasted on me as a child as nothing ever came out of it (just like my piano lessons!)


I made mostly decorative pieces, but some where actually functional. I got three small bowls, a side plate, a pen organiser, four slightly small cups and a salt pinch pot. I even made Ame a food bowl!


I made most of the wares in this batch in a beginner’s wheel class and the process was interestingly therapeutic. I have so much more to learn especially where making functional well balanced pieces are concerned (some of my bowls are very heavy bottomed, which honestly makes a difference when you hold it in your hands). Understanding how different slips and oxides affect the final product as well is equally as important - although one of my greatest learnings here was throwing bigger pieces - I swear almost everything shrunk in the kiln!

Here are some progress shots.

Slip 2.png
Raw and Finished.png

Towards the end of my semester, I also played around with free form structures (as I had spare time, nothing to dress up and a lot of left over clay). I made a creepy little head, the salt pinch pot and two spoons during this time.


Am I going to continue? Heck yeah, if nothing else, I’d love to fill my home with dishes and vases that I have created - and to do this, I am going to master this craft to the best of my ability.

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